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Kill Yourself Elsewhere, Says Cairo Metro September 3, 2018

An Egyptian Subway spokesperson has advised people to commit suicide elsewhere to avoid maintenance cost and delays to trains and railways.

“We are not a means to Suicide”- said a Cairo Subway official to local press on Monday (02 September) in response to a recent incident at one of the networks stations.

This comes as a remark in response to the latest suicide that has been attempted at one of Cairo’s busy subway stations. Expressions of outrage filled social media to the coarseness of the remarks on the rising suicide phenomenon in Egypt, as people struggle to cope with inflation and poverty.

Corbyn Proposes Media Revolution Under Labour. August 24, 2018

Leader of the UK Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn has laid out an ambitious vision for media reform including charging a “windfall tax” on “digital monopolies” to fund public interest journalism, a “decentralised” BBC controlled by staff and license-fee payers, charitable status for certain outlets, and an end to ministerial vetoes of freedom of information act requests.

Speaking at the Alternative MacTaggart Lecture, Corbyn balanced praise for the vital role of a free press, and the value of “hard working journalists” with criticism of  “owners and editors” who have ” dragged down standards”. He lamented “how close so much of the media is to the rich and powerful”, and suggested other outlets could follow the Guardian’s example and have journalists elect their editors.

Corbyn said however, that none of these proposals were yet Labour Party policy, and that he hoped his speech prompted further “research and discussion”.