Write in Stone

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Help and FAQ

September 18, 2018

How do I get going?

Just click ‘LOGIN’ in the top right corner of the website. If you don’t have an account, it will allow you to register.

How do I record my desktop research?

Once you register an account and log in to our platform. There will be 3 buttons on the left representing different kinds of content. The green one at the top is for desktop research. Click it and you will be shown a link to download our App. If you already have the App installed, simply click ‘Start Desktop Recording App’, the App will load and you will be able to start, stop or pause your desktop recording, as well as activate your webcam to insert commentary.

How do I display the ‘Stone’ ratings widget on my website?

When you are ready to publish the story you’re working on, hit the big red ‘Publish’ button on the left of the platform. You will be provided with a bit of code under ’embed’ which you can insert on your page, wherever you want the ‘Stone’ widget to appear! Just like adding a link. Others can then easily click through, rate and review.

What is this multi-coloured bar at the top of the platform?

That bar is what we call the ‘Writeline’. It’s a timeline of the research process, which you can add different research events to. Once you’re all done and published, others will be able to see the ‘Writeline’ for your story by clicking on the ratings widget at the top of the article. They can then skip to different places to see the research in more detail.