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About Us

Our founding team were journalists and researchers who saw disinformation roll back the gains of the Arab Spring and asked "how can we do better?" Stone will address ecosystemic problems of distrust and disinformation in the media and beyond. It makes research visible with annotated video bibliographies distinguishing quality work.

Our Founders

Responsive Team Profiles
Aliya Aliwi

Egyptian Journalist, Producer, Fixer and Tireless Revolutionary.

Responsive Team Profiles
Austin Mackell

Aussie Journalist, Writer, Correspondent and Relentless Idealist.

Responsive Team Profiles
Daniel Mackisack

Kiwi Sociologist, Diplomat, Sci Fi Nerd and Belligerent Optimist.

Responsive Team Profiles
John McCabe

American Researcher, Editor, Organizer and Implacable Utopian.